Our world is in transition: We no longer live in an age of change, we are witnessing the change of an era.
We experience the challenges every day: The effects of climate change and the exhaustion of our natural resources. Combined, this present us with the biggest challenge since the nineteenth century


Urban Crossovers focusses on long term solutions to the CO2 problem: Accelerating the application of scalable solutions to turn carbon neutral and progress towards a carbon negative society.


With a hands on approach and a differentiated network, we identify potential applications of solutions.
Either through acting as the local business accelerator for innovative companies from abroad, or by acting as ‘quartermaster’ for the combination of solutions in projects or products.

As Business Accelerators for Climeworks Switzerland, we identify opportunities to apply Direct Air Capture (DAC) of CO2, in The Netherlands. 

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We acted as quartermaster for initiating the Zenid Demo Plant, with the goal to produce the world’s first circular jet fuel from air, green electricity and water, in Rotterdam The Netherlands.

Zenid is now entering next stages with the support of its partners, including Urban Crossovers.

As Business Accelerators for Neustark Switzerland, we identify opportunities to apply circular and CO2 neutral concrete, in The Netherlands.

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