Why Urban Crossovers?

Our world is in transition:
We no longer live in an era of change, we are witnessing the change of an era.
We experience the consequences of our actions every day:
Climate change, urban growth, damaging food patterns and the exhaustion of our natural resources.
Combined, these present us with the biggest challenge in centuries.
Solutions to this challenge all revolve around how we deal with CO2.

What we do:

Urban Crossovers focusses on accelerating the implementation scaleable CO2  solutions.
To move towards a carbon negative society.

How we do it:

With a hands on approach and a differentiated network, we identify potential applications of solutions.
Either through acting as the local business accelerator for innovative companies from abroad,
or by acting as ‘kwartiermaker’ for the combination of solutions in projects or products.



Urban Crossovers BV
Van Vollenhovenstraat 44B, 3016BJ - Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Willem van Genugten
+31 6 5052 1433